Infra Q1
Q1, NH47 By-pass, Cochin
Infra Q1


Across the world the lines that divide peopleís lives - between work and leisure, between business and lifestyle - are blurring. And Q1 brings home to Kochi this idea. With offices rubbing shoulders with luxe brand outlets, with board rooms on the same level as spas, Q1 reflects the changing outlook of the global citizen who no longer wants his life - or his space to exist in separate compartments. Its a life more fluid; an existence that goes with a new flow combing work and leisure. And more than concrete and steel, itís shared ideas like these that form the foundation of Q1.
Centrally located on the bypass Kochi of NH47, Q1 is in its final finishing stages.
Q1 has 540,000 sqft built up area on 15 floors coming up on land area of 89,250 sqft (2.05 acres) with a combination of retail, leisure space and world-class office space.
The Q1 defines what premium architecture looks like. All spaces are ergonomically designed to suit your business nature be it for retail, entertainment or Office.
Q1 has a One in a million architecture maintaining International Standards in business space with most modern facilities, creating the perfect ambience for the international experience in corporate work culture.
World class centre for business and leisure